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Willitary Fitness

Monday & Wednesdays 7:00 pm and Sundays at 5:00 pm View this post on Instagram Willitary Fitness has regular classes Monday and Wednesdays at 7pm and Sundays at 5. First class free to try! A post shared by Athletic Proving Grounds (@athleticprovinggrounds) on Aug 3, 2018 at 9:53am PDT I WANT MORE INFORMATION! View this… Read More ›

H.S. Athlete Expectations & Career Level Philosophy

RESULTS & PAST SUCCESS EXPERIENCE & EDUCATION HOW WE DO IT See the benefits – Commit to the program – How can we help you? junior high – high school – college & beyond “See the benefits” (7th-8th grade)      This is the youngest age that we accept athletes, and also the age that… Read More ›

FIT Groups

Adult Training Groups Home Men’s MáS (muscle & strength) Group Willitary Fitness Shaping bodies through training, destroying fat with food.   -FIT groups are all female training groups with a lead instructor to help monitor technique, scale the program, and keep everyone on pace for the workout. -FIT group members have ranged from 16 years… Read More ›


Adult Training Groups Home Female FIT Groups    MáS is an all male group that focuses on developing both muscle and strength. The group allows one to push their-self to the extreme ends of muscle building, the heavier ends of strength training, or anywhere in between on the spectrum. Adding strength and building muscle is… Read More ›

Cost, Results & Scoring

UPCOMING TEST DATES    TESTS ADMINISTERED WHY SHOULD YOU TEST? After testing, you will be emailed a summary sheet and be able to compare your scores from previous tests in side by side columns .  High school athletes will get both their results and a score of how those results stack up with top performances… Read More ›

Tests Administered

WHY SHOULD YOU TEST? COST, RESULTS & SCORING UPCOMING TEST DATES    Test are done in our 57 yard long training facility which allows year-round dependable testing; without wind variation or cancelling tests for weather.  Athletes will go through 14 tests and measures.  Each test addresses an area of sport/athleticism including: acceleration/closing speed top end… Read More ›

Why should you test?

UPCOMING TEST DATES TESTS ADMINISTERED COST, RESULTS & SCORING You need a 3rd party testing service.  Why?  Because we have no vested interest in an athlete receiving anything but accurate test numbers.  We use technologies and practices adopted at the Olympic, International Committees, and Professional level; delivering them to local athletes.  Our process and equipment… Read More ›

Upcoming Testing Dates

TESTS ADMINISTERED WHY SHOULD YOU TEST? COST, RESULTS & SCORING    UPCOMING TEST DATES: Saturday November 9th 8:45am Saturday November 16th 8:45am Saturday November 23rd 8:45am Saturday November 30th 8:45am & 6:30pm Saturday December 7th 8:45am & 4:00pm Saturday December 14th 8:45am & 6:30pm Saturday December 21th 8:45am & 4:00pm Saturday December 28th 8:45am Saturday… Read More ›

Results and Past Successes

THE GET ON OUR LEVEL PODCAST EXPERIENCE & EDUCATION HOW WE DO IT HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETE EXPECTATIONS & CAREER PHILOSOPHY RECENT SUCCESS (INSTAGRAM)   June 2018 National Trainer of the Month, Zach Vargo 2019 National Trainer of the Year Finalist, Zach Vargo Final 10 from over 500 nationwide nominations TESTIMONIAL GALLERY (click a pic to… Read More ›

Our Approach

RESULTS & PAST SUCCESS EXPERIENCE & EDUCATION HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETE EXPECTATIONS & CAREER PHILOSOPHY Once you tell us your aspirations goals, our only concern is meeting that person one day. We believe anything is possible if you work at it with effort, with intent, the proper way, until you get there.  The timeline to reach a… Read More ›

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