Tests Administered

untitledAthletes will go through 17 tests and measures.  Each test addresses an area of sport/athleticism including:

  • acceleration/closing speed
  • top end of speed for court athletes
  • differentiation of acceleration and speed points (splits)
  • top end speed of fielded sport athletes
  • acceleration paired with transition ability
  • acceleration paired with lateral movement capability
  • foot speed
  • agility
  • anaerobic capacity
  • aerobic capacity
  • lower body power
  • the ability of an athlete to get up relative to their reach
  • the ability to recall explosive lower body power
  • application of upper body power into explosive upper body movements
  • An overall athlete rating is assigned upon completion. nba-draft-combine

While the overall athlete rating does not define your standing in your sport, it does give you an overall rank of athleticism when considering all areas of athleticism.  You can pick tests specific to your sport and focus on improving them and your percentile ranking.




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