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Developmental (3rd-6th)

3rd through 6th graders, year around one hour sessions offered 6 days a week!

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$150 per month for unlimited sessions. Developmental and Vargo Trained, do have crossover household discounts available for siblings.

Developmental is an age appropriate gross motor development program. Sessions are focused on developing a physically competent young person through the fundamentals of speed development, functional body weight only muscular strength & endurance movements, agility, mechanics of movement & aerobic endurance.

Participants should complete this program prepared to move into a higher level athletic training focused program and a weight room environment, but no earlier than the 7th grade.

Parents/guardians, this is a drop-off/pick-up program, it is not a spectating environment or event.

Developmental’s lead instructor has 12 years experience as a public school intervention specialist with grades kindergarten through 5th and an additional 5 years assisting 7th grade through college athletic development programs.

The Developmental program writer/designer has 12 years of experience in developing gross motor skills in preschool through 8th graders and 16 years experience developing 7th grade through collegiate athletes.

In state mandated evaluations, the program designer has been scored as “accomplished” the highest level attainable level in state in each of the past 4 years in teaching and gross motor development of preschool through 8th graders.


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