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Why should you test?




You need a 3rd party testing service.  Why?  Because we have no vested interest in an athlete receiving anything but accurate test numbers.  We use technologies and practices adopted at the Olympic, International Committees, and Professional level; delivering them to local athletes.  Our process and equipment ensures accurate scores (something of great value in improving an athlete or a program) measuring the effectiveness of what they are doing, and giving recruiters comfort of mind that what is scored here, is reliable.

100% indoor, 57 yard long testing environment provides consistency year round & no cancellations.

Our tests give you feedback on where you stand in each tests on a national level.  With this information, you can figure out what you need to improve, develop a plan on how to improve, and then come back to test how your interventions are working.

Fudged times, inaccurate testing, and countless recruiting sites that offer profiles that you can enter whatever scores you wish have coaches relying less on what you give them because, most everyone is submitting times that don’t reflect an athletes ability.  This practice is so prevalent that the next level coaches no longer put any value in recruiting profiles or what you claim to be able to do.

We exist to give coaches, trainers, guardians, recruiters, and anyone else interested in an athlete with the information they need to recruit, improve, or guide their programming.  We are the reliable testing service, what you do with the scores is up to you.

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