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Men’s MáS (muscle & strength) Group

Shaping bodies through training, destroying fat with food.  

-FIT groups are all female training groups with a lead instructor to help monitor technique, scale the program, and keep everyone on pace for the workout.

-FIT group members have ranged from 16 years old to over 60; including students, parents, grandparents, and those with careers.  The common thread is that everyone in the group is looking to improve.

-From of our FIT groups have come many clients moving from an “obese” classification, all the way to a “fitness” classification in regards to body fat percent classification, a amateur figure and bikini competitor turned professional, and a client who lost 135 pounds!

Cross Country Runner weighing under 100 pounds transforms herself into a  Figure & Bikini Pro

and leads others to reach their goals


Our “Biggest Loser” 135 pounds of controlled weight loss


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  1. Can I get more information on the muscle and Strength group. Times prices?

    • The MaS group is 5:15am and 5:30pm Monday through Thursday, you can come to either group any day. The monthly cost is $150 for household member 1, $75 member 2, $50 member 3, and all others beyond 3 are free. The pricing applies to all programs offered at The Athletic Proving Grounds which includes athlete training, male/female training groups, athletic testing, and Willitary Fitness. The MaS group is a resistance training program that has a lead trainer at each workout with a program ready for you to complete each day.

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