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Alyssa Burley, Butler

Alyssa Burley, Butler

Alyssa Burley

Butler, Class of 2019



Ranked first for kills per game and second for kills in the GWOC. Alyssa is a three sport varsity athlete in volleyball, basketball, and track. She was in the top 12 for blocking as a sophomore. She is the Butler Track & Field School Record Co-Holder, as well as a three time Track & Field conference honorable mention.

Favorite Quote:

“You’re never too young to start chasing your dreams and you’re never too old to start over.”


“I look up to my brother Tyler and Taylor Swift a lot.”

Most impactful coach:

“There are so many people who have impacted me. The people who have shaped me the most as an athlete and a person are Cheryl Frankling, Kaleigh Trevino, and Kristi Franz.”

Favorite sports memory:

“Winning 14 games in a row my sophomore year, that season was full of excitement.”

Athletic goals:

“I hope to play my heart out the rest of this season with my teammates and have it end in a way that’s fulfilling for each of us.”

The future:

“In 10 years I see myself as a published author and one of the heads of the media industry.”

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