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Volt is speed


Field & court sport acceleration, movement efficiency, & transitions for an overall more explosive athlete.  Volt is a speed development program in which athletes get the most benefit when attending twice a week, year round.  Speed is unlike other areas of training (flexibility, strength, conditioning, etc.) more is not better, rather consistency over the year is what makes the athlete faster.

Speed is fragile, long to achieve & quick to leave.  To get the most out of developing and maintaining speed, here is how often you should be in a true speed development program:

Low weekly frequency (2-3 days)

Low repetition frequency per session

Great effort/intensity on the few reps

Fully recovered between reps

High weekly consistency (every week of the year)

Volt is speed & we have averaged -.4 off the 40 with new athletes in their first 6 months.  -.4 is entire strides/steps ahead of their beginning self.  We have been speed training for over 10 years, a sister company of Vargo Trained.  Vargo Trained started off as a speed development program & evolved into a full sport specific training program.  Volt is where we started, with our original expertise; speed.

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