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FIT mom drops to her pre-pregnancy body fat, just 6 months after delivery:


Are you put next BIG success?

  • 95 pound runner to professional figure & bikini competitor.
  • 135 pounds of fat loss with grocery food & no “cardio”.
  • 27 pounds of fat lost in 6 months.
  • Added 19 pounds of muscle and a ton of strength in 6 months.
  • Moved from obese to a fitness classification in 5 months.
  • Doctor took her off meds after her first year of training


  • Resistance training based “exercise” groups with a broad range of people trying to change their physique.  From young people to teachers, professionals/executives, small business owners, multiple job holders, parents and grandparents; all looking to improve an area of their health or change their body.
  • You’ll get a month of group, guided workouts at what the average personal trainer would charge for two and a half sessions (we used to PT for years & we aren’t delivering a lesser product at this much cheaper price)
  • Both groups have had success in changing physiques, adding lean mass and dropping body fat.
  • Neither program uses supplements, pills, fad diets, or “cardio” to drop body fat or add size/shape.

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