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FIT Groups and MáS

Are you put next BIG success?

  • 95 pound runner to professional figure & bikini competitior.
  • 135 pounds of fat loss with grocery food & no “cardio”.
  • 27 pounds of fat lost in 6 months.
  • Added 19 pounds of muscle and a ton of strength in 6 months.
  • Moved from obese to a fitness classification in 5 months.
  • Doctor took her off meds after her first year of training
  • Attempted & waiting on word for a Guinness Book of World Records 1:00 pull-up for females.


  • Resistance training based “exercise” groups with a broad range of people trying to change their physique.  From young people to teachers, professionals/executives, small business owners, multiple job holders, parents and grandparents; all looking to improve an area of their health or change their body.
  • You’ll get a month of group, guided workouts at what the average personal trainer would charge for two and a half sessions (we used to PT for years & we aren’t delivering a lesser product at this much cheaper price)
  • Both groups have had success in changing physiques, adding lean mass and dropping body fat.
  • Neither program uses supplements, pills, fad diets, or “cardio” to drop body fat or add size/shape.


imageMáS is an all male group that focuses on developing both muscle and strength. The group allows one to push their-self to the extreme ends of muscle building, the heavier ends of strength training, or anywhere in between on the spectrum. Adding strength and building muscle is the commonality, the degree of each varies at the individual level, mostly based on what is done in the hours outside of training; workouts can be scaled accordingly.


Shaping bodies through training, destroying fat with food.  

-FIT groups are all female training groups with a lead instructor to help monitor technique, scale the program, and keep everyone on pace for the workout.

-FIT group members have ranged from 16 years old to over 60; including students, parents, grandparents, and those with careers.  The common thread is that everyone in the group is looking to improve.

-From of our FIT groups have come many clients moving from an “obese” classification, all the way to a “fitness” classification in regards to body fat percent classification, a amateur figure and bikini competitor turned professional, and a client who lost 135 pounds!

Cross Country Runner weighing under 100 pounds transforms herself into a  Figure & Bikini Pro

and leads others to reach their goals



Our “Biggest Loser” 135 pounds of controlled weight loss