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Boxing, yoga & fitness all included with new adult training package!  Thesis trainer Keith brings years of experience, expertise, & options for our adult population beyond what we have been able to or are capable of doing! Thesis owner Coach Keith has an extensive background in fitness, yoga & martial arts.

Coach Keith brings many credentials and years of experience to The Athletic Proving Grounds, including:
•Title Boxing Club Instructor
•NASM certified personal trainer
•NASM corrective exercise specialist
•NASM performance enhancement specialist
•CFSC functional strength coach
•Bioforce certified conditioning coach
•Precision Nutrition certified in Exercise Nutrition

Strength Training, FIT focused:
Strength training builds a great foundation for keeping your body healthy and resilient. Having functional strength is the heart of injury prevention both in sports and in daily life. In these strength training sessions each participant works with the weight, sets, reps and exercises that best fit their level and goals at the time, which essentially makes it personal training performed within a small group. Workouts are tailored to meet you where you are to accomplish goals such as fat-loss, improved performance or muscle-gains. This class is suitable for both beginners and advanced.

Vinyasa Yoga
Movement based with an emphasis on synchronizing movement and breathing while flowing from one position to another. It is great for activating recovery from an intense workout the day before, for relieving stress, increasing flexibility, improving coordination and improving functional strength. The overall goal is to leave you feeling strong, more balanced and energized. This class is suitable for both beginners and advanced. Members must bring their own yoga mat to attend classes.

Boxing Fitness
A combination of technique and application of boxing training with a focus on developing fitness not on competing or sparring in any way. In this class we work on proper boxing technique, agility/footwork, core training and conditioning, making it an athletic total-body workout that improves cardiovascular health and complements other forms of fitness training we offer. This class is suitable for both beginners and advanced. Members must bring their own boxing gloves to attend classes.

$99 for 2 sessions of any program per week or you can get unlimited access each month to all training that Coach Keith offers for a discounted monthly membership. Unlimited boxing, yoga, and fitness training options for just $150 per month!

Contact Coach Keith to enroll today text or call ‪937-365-7150‬

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